Find simple and practical tools that make you feel better
and be happy.

We all seek happiness and talk about it but sometimes we do not know where to find it and much less to keep it and enjoy it.

Maybe some of us need a guide, a tip, a book or even everything at the same time to understand what happiness is and how to achieve it. It may also be that we spend our whole lives trying to understand what happiness is and do not get to feel it.

That's why a great friend gave me a special book that I'm going to transcribe a little introductory text that I really liked. The book is called "In Defense of Happiness" and is by Matthieu Ricard, author of The Monk and the Philosopher. In his first lines he quotes another writer like this:

"Happiness does not come automatically, it is not a grace that a fortunate destiny can grant us and a setback to take away, it depends exclusively on us." You do not manage to be happy overnight, but at the cost of patient, accomplished work day after day, happiness is built, which requires effort and time, to be happy you have to know how to change yourself. "